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About the Course

The Lake Wisconsin Country Club was chartered by the State of Wisconsin in October 1925. Granted free use of the land adjacent to the Prairie du Sac hydroelectric dam (remnants of the dam construction are an intergal part of the course to this day) by the Wisconsin River Power Company and enthusiastically promoted by a courageous group of Sauk-Prairie citizens, the club was soon boasting 100 members. Greens construction was started by harvesting soil from a nearby farm and placing it with a horsecart. A clubhouse was built and a watering system for the greens installed. Momentum carried the club through the depression of the 30’s but World War II brought club activity to a halt as the power company fenced in most of the course for security reasons. In 1948, the club was reorganized, the fence was removed, the fairways were mowed and the greens reconditioned. The club had reestablished itself and was back in business.

As membership increased in the 50’s, the pressure to expand did also. In 1963, a new clubhouse was built and a second nine holes was added the following year. In 1974, a semi-automatic sprinkling system was installed. In 1985, after surveying the membership, the course was updated with the rebuilding of two greens, the addition of a new practice green, a new maintenance facility, a number of new tees and the expansion of the clubhouse.

In 1995, plans were developed for a new irrigation system and a master plan for course updates was started. This dream was realized in the fall of 2000 when a computerized double row irrigation system was installed. At the same time, a pond was dug to act as a reservoir and the excess material from the pond excavation was used to build 17 new tees and a number of mound complexes. In all, 16 of the 18 holes received updates.

The course you play today is the result of the forward thinking and support of the membership at Lake Wisconsin Country Club. Enjoy!




Course Flyover

  • Hole 1

    Hole 1

  • Hole 2

    Hole 2

  • Hole 3

    Hole 3

  • Hole 4

    Hole 4

  • Hole 5

    Hole 5

  • Hole 6

    Hole 6

  • Hole 7

    Hole 7

  • Hole 8

    Hole 8

  • Hole 9

    Hole 9

  • Hole 10

    Hole 10

  • Hole 11

    Hole 11

  • Hole 12

    Hole 12

  • Hole 13

    Hole 13

  • Hole 14

    Hole 14

  • Hole 15

    Hole 15

  • Hole 16

    Hole 16

  • Hole 17

    Hole 17

  • Hole 18

    Hole 18

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